Church of the Open Bible, Marabella.

The Power of a Praying Church

Date: Tuesday 16th January 2018

Speaker: Pastor Michael Mehelal

Scripture Reading – Acts 12:1-12


(Acts 1:14 -15)There were 120 disciples praying continuously in the upper room. (Acts 2:1-2) Prayer released a spiritual explosion and now there were 3000 converts. (Acts 4:31) Peter and John were arrested for preaching the gospel but, as a result of a praying church, they were released from prison.

(Acts 12:1-12) After James (the first martyr of the early church) was killed, Peter was arrested. It was the Feast of the Passover, a holiday in Jerusalem, so Herod imprisoned Peter until the end of the holiday when he would have him killed.

What was the church going to do? Should they organize a board meeting? Call a committee meeting? Plan a demonstration and demand Peter’s release? Go and physically get him out?

V.5: NO…the early church called a prayer meeting!

And…The whole church responded in prayer because they understood the power of prayer. They chose to claim the Lord’s promise (Matt. 7:7).

Vs. 12: Prayer was made for Peter by the whole church. They prayed because the situation seemed irreversible, hopeless, impossible, unchangeable. When the whole church comes together to pray, “God will make a way where there seems to be no way.” Through prayer, Peter became accessible.

No prison can shut God out and no prison can keep you in as long as you are part of a praying church.

The power of a praying church will cause:-

1. A release of God’s light (v.7). God begins to shed His light into people’s hearts impacting not only the saints but the community as well. Ps. 18:28

2. A spiritual awakening to take place (v.6-7). Peter was asleep and the angel struck/hit him to awaken him. The church today needs an awakening. It is time to wake up and the principle is prayer.

3. Every chain to be broken (v.7). Chains speak of bondage, strongholds, things that hold us back, keep us back causing us to look back, go back, back back and turn back…but genuine prayer will break every chain. Matt.21:13,James 5:16

4. Doors to be opened of their own accord (v.10). God opens doors through prayer. In the Bible, doors speak of opportunities (new chances or prospects) as well as obstacles/hindrances (closed doors). (Ps.18:29, 1Cor.16:9, Col.2:3)

John 10:9 “Jesus Christ is the Door, therefore, no door can be closed to the Door.”


God made the impossible possible. Where there was darkness, He turned on the light; where there was sleeping, slothfulness and slumber, He caused an awakening; where there were chains and strongholds, He broke them. He answered the prayer of the early church and He set His servant free.

BUT…only because the whole church prayed.

Become a Person of Prayer…Become a Church of Prayer…

Then we will witness the power of God in our lives, in our church, in our community and in our nation.